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Text Faster! Better! How?

October 26th, 2010

You already know how much money you can save on text messages every month with Nimbuzz right? We listed some of the best phones for your texting needs, and you know all the IM slangs and chats acronyms (language) that you can use. What else?

Well now, if you’ve ever wondered how you can type and send text messages a lot faster, we can help as well.

First, “obvious” answer should be lots of practice. Really fast texters send so many messages and chat so much everyday that they have enough practice to type so fast, and  sometimes even without looking.

But besides practicing, you can also learn a few tricks which can help you get to the level you would like to achieve.

Wanna type faster?

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US and Canada: New and Latest Texting Phones!

October 20th, 2010

Second picture of the Samsung Epic 4G, by texting

Love texting?

Well, we can assume that you do since we know now that in average here in the US, we are sending over 3000 texts a month!

So here at Nimbuzz, we thought that in order to send all these messages you probably need the best “text messaging phones” out there, right?

This is why we put a list together of the latest, and new cell phones in the market designed for you to text and chat with all your friends :)

Full keyboard mobile phones or Qwuerty phones seem to be people’s favorite when it comes to text messaging. The Samsung Craft, Epic 4G, the LG Gossip, the Samsung B3410, the BlackBerry Torch, the LG Optimus, the Motorola Droid 2 and many more, are some of the names you will find in this list!

Find out which phone is right for your texting needs!

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Free unlimited text messaging: Save $8013 a year!

October 19th, 2010

Did you know?

A recent study from The Nielsen Company analyzed mobile usage data among teens in the United States for the second quarter of 2010, and found out that U.S. teens, on average, send 3,339 text messages per month.

The study finds:

  • Males between the age of 13 and 17 send 2,539 texts per month while females send 4,050.
  • 18 to 24 year old sent an average of 1,630 text messages per month.

So…what is the pricing for Text Messaging these days? How much  are you and your family spending on text messages ? How can you save money?

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LOL, NP, TTYL: Do you speak IM, chat, e-mail language?

October 18th, 2010

IM_language_by_leepro second

You are about to enter the IM world!

Everyone knows that Nimbuzz puts all your friends from Facebook, MSN, Yahoo, AIM and more in one place so you can send free messages and chat with them for free right? ;)

But does everyone know that talking on IM is completely different from the rest of the “common” languages?

Well, for those who are entering the chat rooms, the e-mailing, the IMing or those who don’t know the difference or what we are talking about, we have put a list of IM acronyms together so you can check how much you know about this language or even take your first lesson!

Keep this handy next time you are chatting with friends!

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September 20th, 2010

Watch live streaming video from lgtexter at

It’s game time!

The 2010 LG US National Texting Championship Finals are finally here and you can watch it all live from the Nimbuzz USA blog!

Get ready for 32 finalists on a 2 day text marathon, plus you will be able to take at shot at winning $2500!

We want to wish the best luck to all the finalists, and remind everyone that you can save tons of money on text messages every month using Nimbuzz!  For example, especially those who send more than 50 or 100 text messages per day (more than 65% of teens do),  and are paying for an Unlimited Text Plan which is about $20/month =$240/year only in text messaging!

Annelise, Justin, Caroline, Makenzie, LaJoyce, Ashley, Kayla, Brianna, Jennifer, Miranda, Brandon, Melanie, Chelsea, Monty, Kaelin, Ashlynn, Catherine,Giuliana, Rachel, Angel, Lauren, Rachel, Lacey, Taylor, Kaitlyn, Mercedes, Mariah, Anthony, Erin, Peyton, Jace, and the 2009 Champion – Kate Moore will have the chance to walk away with the title and up to $100,000! Wow this is so exciting!

Who will be this year’s champ?

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