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New Phones in 2011! LG, Motorola, Samsung, HTC… Ready?

January 6th, 2011

It is a new year!

Which means, new beginnings, new projects, new goals, AND new phones of course. ;)

The mobile market is growing at an amazing speed, and only a few days in 2011, we’re already seeing tons of new handsets and devices coming out.

Here are some of the best new, coolest phones in case you are already thinking to upgrade.

Check out what HTC, LG, Samsung, Motorola and Sony have already lined up for you. Hint: “4G” seems to be the common denominator.

Which is going to be? Pick your favorite! After the jump!


Take your friends to the sky! With Google free in flight Wi-Fi and Nimbuzz!

November 9th, 2010

Flying for the holidays??  If yes, then you might want to take a look at this!

Google Chrome has partnered up with Virgin America, Delta, and Air Trans to offer Gogo Wi-Fi completly free on all domestic flights from November 20 through January 2, 2011. Awesome right?

Now if during the flight you want to stay connected and chat with friends and family, you can download Nimbuzz for free! On any mobile phone, Mac or PC :)

More after the jump!


Google Phone Gallery: The new Android shopping store!

October 12th, 2010

Too many Androids in the market to choose from?

No problem! Google just made it easier for people who are out in the market looking for a new phone with Google Phone Gallery — “a showcase of Android-powered devices that deliver the best Google experience today”.

You can find all the popular phones such as the G2 from T-Mobile, the Droid 2 from Verizon, the Samsung Epic 4G from Sprint, and the HTC Aria from AT&T and many more! :)

All the phones in the gallery include Android Market, Google Search, and other Google Mobile services such as Gmail, Maps, and YouTube.

More cool tools after the jump!


G2 from T-Mobile: Make free calls and send free texts on Facebook, MSN, Yahoo, and more!

September 22nd, 2010

T-Mobile Details the Upcoming G2, Pre-orders Later This Month

Are you ready to get your new G2 from T-Mobile?

Well if you are, you should know that this “unique design” new phone offers full Nimbuzz support, which will allow you to chat, call, and share files with all your friends for free! So you can save tons of money on text messages and minutes every month!

On top of this, you will have all your friends from Facebook, Google Talk, MSN, Yahoo, AIM and more organized in one contact list ;)

Wanna know more about what the new G2 has to offer? Release date?

Make sure you keep reading after the jump!


Chrome VS Opera (videos)

June 2nd, 2010

Chrome Vs Opera Mini which one is faster?

Same as smartphones, recently there’s been a lot of noise about web browsers, but more in particular about Chrome and Opera mini.

A few weeks ago the guys over at Google created a really cool video trying to prove how their  browser (Chrome) was faster than lighting, a shooting potato, and sound waves. Hard to believe right? (video after the jump)

Well, now Opera mini the Norwegian web browser, which last week its iPhone app reached 2.6 MILLION users in 2 weeks, created a really funny video as a parody of  Google’s video, comparing the speed of their browser against a potato in boiling water.

Check out the videos after the jump and then decide which one is faster? ;)


The GOOG made us go WOW with Froyo, Google TV and more! #io2010 (VIDEO)

May 25th, 2010


Back from the Google I/O 2010 conference we wanted to keep you guys in the loop on what was announced and show you some pictures and videos about what happened.

First off, we were massively impressed with the announcements and real time demos of Froyo (Android 2.2), and cannot wait to get our hands on it.  Besides Froyo, Google also announced Google TV, another milestone from our friends in Mountain View – absolutely impressive!

Second, a big “THANK YOU!” to Google, HTC, and Sprint for giving everyone a HTC Evo 4G from Sprint. Nimbuzz runs amazingly fast on it (video after the jump ;) )

Alright, let’s get into the details, pictures, and videos.


Get a new phone! An Incredible one by HTC! (video)

May 13th, 2010
YouTube Preview Image

(This is an incredible video for an Incredible phone! Thanks to Tech Restore for this video.)

Hopefully, by now you already heard of the new Droid Incredible by HTC!

If not, this might be your last chance before it is completely sold out!  ;)

Being incredibly slick and tough looking, with multi touch functionality and fast responsiveness, some people call it the best new smartphone on the Verizon Wireless network, and even the Nexus One killer”.

Right now might be the perfect time to get a new phone! Don’t you think? :)

Check out some Incredible details after the jump!


What’s your Nimbuzz Story?

April 15th, 2010
YouTube Preview Image

Check out the above video, in which we created a “Nimbuzz story“, using Google Search Stories Video Creator!

We pieced this together in a couple of minutes of fun to simply highlight a few Nimbuzz benefits. ;)

Well, now we’d like you to tell us your Nimbuzz story and win, because we are giving away some Nimbuzz goodies to the best one.

More details after the jump.


Google Buzz vs Nimbuzz

February 11th, 2010

This week Google announced a new feature/ tool/ product called Google Buzz.

Now we got Buzz Aldrin, Buzz Lightyear, Nimbuzz, BuzzWorthy, Yahoo Buzz, and Google Buzz. But what’s all the Buzz about??

For some reason the first thing that came to my mind was…. Twitter/Friendfeed rip off?

Watch the video after the jump and let Google itself explain some of the features that this new social media tool has to offer.