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Best App Games for Samsung Galaxy S Tab and mobile phones! (videos)

February 12th, 2011

Have one of these?

Then you probably want to know what other Android lovers like you are downloading on to their tablets and Galaxy phones right?

Well, here at Nimbuzz we help you find the most popular apps/games, so you can be up to date with technology, and brag about it with all your friends and coworkers. :)

Let’s check out some of the most popular games that are currently trending in the Android Market.

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New Rock Band 3 with keyboard! (video)

June 15th, 2010

Every band needs a keyboard player right?

Well, Mad Catz has announced the third Rock Band, and the new game comes with a brand new instrument! A wireless keyboard!

The keyboard can be used either as a controller with Rock Band 3, or as a two-octave MIDI keyboard. You will be able to use it with a strap or with a stand so whenever you play it you feel like a real on stage – keyboard player! :)

You can also use the keyboard to play guitar or bass parts. It will be available for $79.99 or bundled with Rock Band 3 for $129.99.

The new Rock Band also features a three-piece cymbal kit on the drums, a Fender guitar controller and a MIDI adapter.

Check out the rest of the features and a video after the jump!


Share and recommend your favorite apps with AppBoy!

May 4th, 2010

Recommending and sharing apps with your friends was never more easy and fun!

In case you missed it, Appboy is the new online social marketplace where mobile app lovers and developers connect. Daily, thousands of people check this website and use their iPhone app to discover, share, and recommend their favorite apps!

Their new site let’s you create your own profile, check what others are talking about, and engage conversation with others among other social networking features.

Now Appboy is taking advantage of  Facebook’s new sharing options, that is why now you can find  “Like” and “Recommend” buttons all over the place!

This means that now you can recommend great content and great apps to your Facebook friends with just a click away!

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iPhone 4 OS just found its perfect match!

April 13th, 2010

Ready to try the iPhone 4 OS? We can’t wait!

Last week Steve Jobs and his Apple team announced the long awaited new iPhone operating system number 4, which most likely will be released during the summer.

It has awesome new features and tools such as multitasking, folders, and a social gaming network and among others.

Check out which features we are most excited about, and what you can expect from Nimbuzz.


Foursquare, Gowalla, myTown, Cause World, and Whrrl 3 , the Check – In War!

March 12th, 2010

Foursquare, Gowalla, myTown, Cause World, and Whrrl 3 where do I check – in?

There seems to be a lot of noise about all these location based  apps, and now even more that SXSW is coming up. I’m pretty sure there still are a lot of people out there confused about this new language of check-ins, winning badges, founders, buying, and collecting rent vocabulary.

Whenever I try to tell people I know about ‘Foursquare” for example, the first reaction I get is “So whats the point, why do I want everyone to know where I am at all times?”. I guess that part I can only let you find out for yourself….

But for some others like me, who love “playing the game”, but don’t really want to check -in in 5 different apps every time go out for a cup of coffee, the question is, “which of these 5 apps I should use?

Here they are …all free!


Warning! True Alice in Wonderland Fans Allowed Only

March 10th, 2010
YouTube Preview Image

From the movie to your phone, everything you need to be an Alice hardcore fan!

There has been a lot buzz around the new movie from Walt Disney Alice in Wonderland, and with an opening weekend of $116.1 million make  this production as one of the biggest in history.

The movie features actors such as Johnny Depp, Mia Wasikowska, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway along with the director Tim Burton make this cast a must see performance.

So if after watching the movie it seems that you cannot get enough from Alice, we found some really cool things that you can add to your phone, and take Wonderland everywhere you go.

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Friends + Games = Top Mobile Social Games

December 1st, 2009


Social gaming has been one of the new amazing ” take overs” among social media channels and mobile gamers around the world.

Something about having a “second life”, or actually being another character is making online users pay hundred of thousands of dollars in this generally new industry.

Since at Nimbuzz we are all about connecting you with your friends, family and people in general, we have created a top list for, “some of the most popular mobile social games on the market” right now.