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Happy Thanksgiving! Give thanks and get $15 free credit!

November 25th, 2010

It is that time to give thanks!

Thanksgiving or Turkey Day (as some people call it) is upon us, and Nimbuzz is here to help you connect to your loved ones :)

You just tell us “who you’d like to give thanks to and why during this year” in the comment section below.  The best two responses will get $15 free NimbuzzOut credit so you can call anywhere in the world for free ;)

Maybe you want to thank your parents, your family, a special friend, or just everyone around you.

This also can be a great opportunity to reconnect with those who you haven’t talked to in a while!

We also want to thank each one of you, new and long time user, for all your support and for being part of the Nimbuzz community during 2010. We promise we’ll keep working very hard in order to bring you the best IM and calling experience.

Ready to give thanks and win?

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Take your friends to the sky! With Google free in flight Wi-Fi and Nimbuzz!

November 9th, 2010

Flying for the holidays??  If yes, then you might want to take a look at this!

Google Chrome has partnered up with Virgin America, Delta, and Air Trans to offer Gogo Wi-Fi completly free on all domestic flights from November 20 through January 2, 2011. Awesome right?

Now if during the flight you want to stay connected and chat with friends and family, you can download Nimbuzz for free! On any mobile phone, Mac or PC :)

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Best Apps: Nimbuzz and Appboy like MobiTV!

November 1st, 2010


Nimbuzz and Appboy are back!

Bringing you the best and coolest apps out in the market, so you can take your mobile device to the next level!

Last month, we featured Soundhound, which is one of the best music apps we have seen out there. Hope you got to try it out.

Now, we are bringing you pure visual entertainment with MobiTV – the featured app for this month!

MobiTV were the first to bring live TV to your cellular phone screen. They do  an amazing job covering sporting events such as the Olympics and the Soccer World Cup 2010, as well as offering  the hottest music videos and TV series.

If you like to watch TV and/or you are a sports addict, MobiTV is the way to go! :)

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Text Faster! Better! How?

October 26th, 2010

You already know how much money you can save on text messages every month with Nimbuzz right? We listed some of the best phones for your texting needs, and you know all the IM slangs and chats acronyms (language) that you can use. What else?

Well now, if you’ve ever wondered how you can type and send text messages a lot faster, we can help as well.

First, “obvious” answer should be lots of practice. Really fast texters send so many messages and chat so much everyday that they have enough practice to type so fast, and  sometimes even without looking.

But besides practicing, you can also learn a few tricks which can help you get to the level you would like to achieve.

Wanna type faster?

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Free unlimited text messaging: Save $8013 a year!

October 19th, 2010

Did you know?

A recent study from The Nielsen Company analyzed mobile usage data among teens in the United States for the second quarter of 2010, and found out that U.S. teens, on average, send 3,339 text messages per month.

The study finds:

  • Males between the age of 13 and 17 send 2,539 texts per month while females send 4,050.
  • 18 to 24 year old sent an average of 1,630 text messages per month.

So…what is the pricing for Text Messaging these days? How much  are you and your family spending on text messages ? How can you save money?

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Best free all in one app for Nokia devices: Free texting, free calling, and more!

October 6th, 2010

Nokia N8

Nokia users -Want to save some money?

Well, if you are the lucky owner of a Nokia N8, Nokia N97, Nokia C6, Nokia 5730, Nokia E5, Nokia E71, Nokia X3, among many others you can!

Download Nimbuzz for free and get ready to chat and call all your friends from Facebook, Google, MSN, Yahoo, AIM, and more.

This is all happening using your online/data plan so you are not using any minutes or text messages, which means you can save tons of money on your monthly plan!

After you bring all your friends to one place to send messages and call for free, you also get the option to share files, photos and video and even update your Twitter status. :)

Want more?

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Best Buy: Free phones Fridays! (Samsung Fascinate, BlackBerry Curve, HTC Aria, and Samsung Gravity)

September 29th, 2010

We love free phones!

Best Buy Mobile announced a new promotion that it will sell four different phones for free on every Friday for the month of October. YAY!

The first four options being offered for free are:

  • Samsung Fascinate (Verizon),
  • BlackBerry Curve (Sprint)
  • HTC Aria (AT&T)
  • Samsung Gravity 3 (T-Mobile).

The program starts this Friday, October 1st! :)

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You wanted Free Wi-Fi? You got it!

August 30th, 2010

Yes, we love Free!

More and more retailers such as Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, and McDonald’s are turning into Free Wi-Fi hotspots around U.S. cities.

This is why “The number of free wireless hotspots in the U.S. outnumber paid Wi-Fi locations for the first time” reports JiWire.

55.1 percent of public Wi-Fi locations are already available at no charge! :) (Graph after the jump)

That means that now you can use your unlimited data plan more than ever before and save tons of money.

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Wanna meet new friends? Add me now on Nimbuzz! My username is….

August 20th, 2010

It is Friday! YAY!

What a better day to meet new friends than right before the weekend?

Here at Nimbuzz USA, we have created a section for you to connect with new friends and other Nimbuzz lovers. :)

All you have to do is drop us a comment in the section below telling everyone a little about yourself, your Nimbuzz ID, and your favorite hobby, so other Nimbuzzers with similar interests can add you to their network!

This is a great opportunity to meet new people and make your Nimbuzz network even bigger!

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New Nimbuzz for Android! As VoIP as it gets, so you can talk as much as you can!

August 4th, 2010
YouTube Preview Image

Important Note (Video Above): “Nimbuzz has been asked by Skype to remove support for all Skype services, effective October 31st.  For free and cheap international calls from your mobile you can still use Nimbuzz and NimbuzzOut ;). More information you can find here.

We have a new Nimbuzz version for all Android phones! Download now for FREE!

With Nimbuzz 2.0 for Android you are going to be able to enjoy calling over the internet (VoIP)  and chatting  for free more than ever before. :)

Why? Because we added amazing new features such as:

  • NimbuzzOut calling – cheap international calling to mobile phones and landlines
  • A new dialer tab – so you can call mobile phones and landlines via NimbuzzOut or any of our SIP partners (Google/Gizmo5, Sipgate, Xeloq, T-Pad, VoIPax, Gulfsip, IPS, Badatel and more)
  • Friend suggestions – see which of your phonebook contacts are already using Nimbuzz
  • Facebook Connect – no more disconnecting errors!

If you owe a Droid X, Droid 2, Incredible, HTC EVO, HTC Aria, HTC Desire or any other device running Android, you can download Nimbuzz and start saving money on minutes and text messages right away!

You can ask the guys over at Phandroid, they already tested the new Nimbuzz version and they are loving it!

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