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Nimbuzz and Appboy like The Magic Fiddle! (amazing videos)

January 11th, 2011

And here we are again!

Appboy and Nimbuzz bringing you the best apps for you to pimp up your mobile devices. ;)

For those who are just tuning up for this program, in the previous months we have featured great apps such as MobiTV,  Soundhound, and Instagram!

Now, we are bringing you a new app that just came out a few weeks ago, which we are sure all music fans and aficionados would love to have installed in their iPads.

So without further due, we present to you the Magic Fiddle!

Are you ready to bow, pluck, trill, and serenade?

More details and amazing videos after the jump!


Best Apps: Nimbuzz and Appboy like Instagram!

December 1st, 2010

Are you ready for more?

Nimbuzz and Appboy are here again! Bringing you the best, the newest, the coolest apps out there!

We have brought you Soundhound and MobiTV so far! But, now that your phone has a music app and a video app, we figured that it needs a photo app. ;)

Well, you gotta check Instagram! A must have app for those who love to capture and share their life, special moments, and memories with all their friends taking creative pictures.

Is that you? Find out more what this amazing app can do for you and your phone!

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Best Apps: Nimbuzz and Appboy like MobiTV!

November 1st, 2010


Nimbuzz and Appboy are back!

Bringing you the best and coolest apps out in the market, so you can take your mobile device to the next level!

Last month, we featured Soundhound, which is one of the best music apps we have seen out there. Hope you got to try it out.

Now, we are bringing you pure visual entertainment with MobiTV – the featured app for this month!

MobiTV were the first to bring live TV to your cellular phone screen. They do  an amazing job covering sporting events such as the Olympics and the Soccer World Cup 2010, as well as offering  the hottest music videos and TV series.

If you like to watch TV and/or you are a sports addict, MobiTV is the way to go! :)

Get the rest of the details! After the jump…