NEW: Nimbuzz for iPhone with phonebook integration

This brand new version of Nimbuzz for your iPhone and iPod touch (2.2) comes packed with an awesome phonebook integration.

This gives you fast and easy access to all the phone numbers in your address book.  It even shows you which of your contacts are already on Nimbuzz so you can call them for free!

Other cool features you will enjoy with Nimbuzz 2.2 for iPhone and iPod touch are:

  • Last Seen Online - shows you the last time your friend was seen on Nimbuzz.
  • Less data consumption – thanks our new data compression system.
  • Free avatars – choose new and exciting avatars for your profile picture from N-World
  • New Ringtone – for Nimbuzz calls and push notifications

We also added a new Notifiable icon. This blue icon with a check mark in the middle stands for ‘Notifiable and it is used only for Nimbuzz contacts that closed Nimbuzz app but can still receive push messages (on the iPhone)  or  Ping notifications (on the Java and Symbian phones).

Last but not least we have fixed several bugs.

We would love to hear what you think about the new version so if you like it or have any suggestions please let us know.

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