We’ll be back! Nimbuzz USA Blog

All Nimbuzz USA followers!

This is a special announcement letting you know that the Nimbuzz USA blog will be put on hold for a few days. Why?

The reason is that I (Daniel Torres) will be taking on new challenges, and won’t be able to update the blog any longer. :( But no worries!

The Nimbuzz USA blog will be back soon with all the exciting news and updates about new apps, new mobile technology, and of course, about Nimbuzz! :) So stay tuned!

If you have any comments, issues, or questions please do not hesitate to contact the main blog or you can also reach us out on Twitter and Facebook.

This is a great opportunity to thank all of you who have followed us during the past year and a half, helping us improve our product and content.

Expect lots more to come!

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  1. add me like frnds iD: klario@nimbuzz.com or…

    adme May 18th, 2011

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