Nimbuzz: Verizon iPhone, it’s nice to finally meet you!

If you haven’t heard, the iPhone will be available for Verizon Wireless customers starting February 10th !

Which means that ALL Verizon customers who buy one will be able to communicate for free and save tons of money every month. :) How?

Compatible with any iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (iOS 3.0 or later), Nimbuzz takes care of all your communication needs!

Free calls, messaging, and file sharing for the connected generation. You can use it to meet, share, and connect with friends.

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Nimbuzz offers you the freedom to:

Call and send messages for free to any device (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian/Nokia and more). You can forget about those old apps that let you chat with your friends only if they have the same OS.

iPhone Screenshot 1

Import popular networks (Yahoo!, MSN Messenger, AIM, GoogleTalk, Facebook, MySpace, Hyves). Organize your social networks and IM’s all in one. ;)

Make crystal clear calls with NimbuzzOut! Our VoIP and SIP service which allows you to make cheap international calls to mobile phone and landlines.

There you have it!

An option for you to save money, communicate with all your friends and family, save some battery and memory. AND you can get it now for free.

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