Then and Now: Nimbuzz evolution

30 months have past since we first started blogging, and after all this time we are proud to demonstrate the evolution of Nimbuzz.

Today Nimbuzz has:

  • 30+ million users in every country of the world
  • 200+ million downloads
  • 3,65 billion calls a year
  • 3000+ supported devices

Let’s take a few steps back in time and show you how Nimbuzz evolved since we launched our very first app back in May 2008.

Below is a side by side comparison with the first Nimbuzz version on the left side and the current version on the right side. To enlarge any of the image simply click on them.

Nimbuzz for Java feature phones (launched May 2008)

Nimbuzz for Nokia Symbian phones (launched May 2008)

Nimbuzz for iPhone (launched November 2008)

Nimbuzz for Android (launched August 2009)

Nimbuzz for Blackberry (launched December 2009)

Nimbuzz for PC (launched May 2008)

Nimbuzz for Mac (launched July 2009)

Have you tried (or seen) all of them?

Maybe one of you has :D ?  Would be great to get everyone’s feedback :) .

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