Cool accessories for the Samsung Galaxy Tab!

Nimbuzz already showed you some of the best apps you could download on your Samsung Galaxy Tab right?

But, since you are going to be using this device for a lot of different things, we figure that you also needed more than just sotfware, applications or entertainment. ;)

So now, we are bringing you some accessories that you can use in order to protect your device, make it more productive, and use it on the go!

Cases, keyboards, docks, screen protectors, charges and holders, we have it all here for you!

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Samsung Keyboard Dock

If you are the type who likes to use your Tab to take notes, writes documents or do any fair amount of writing, then this keyboard is exacltly what you need.  This full-sized, 83-key keyboard has a built-in docking station that holds your SamTab firmly in place in a portrait position.

Samsung Multimedia Desk Dock

Perfect to keep it at home! Holds the SamTab in a portrait position and also includes speaker outputs, and a mini HDMI socket for rigging up a compatible HD device.

Samsung Notebook/stand case

Keep it safe with this two functionality case!  This notebook case not only offers your SamTab an extra level of protection from damage, it can also be folded back on itself to create a stand. Built with d30 protective technology, same that is used for protective clothing for athletes (goalie’s gloves, shin guards, skiwear and ballet shoes) this case it is almost indestructible! :)

Samsung in-car charger

So you never run out of battery! If you spend a lot of time on the go, then this battery charger  it is what you need, so your Tab is ready whenever you need it.

Alpha Gadgets Screen Protector

This is one of those accessories that we could say is indispensable if you have a Samsung Tab. You don’t want to take any chances of your (awesome) screen getting scratched once you take it out of the box. This screen guard is designed to last for the life of the tablet so you shouldn’t need to replace it, so get one now!

So there you have it! All these can be a great gift for friends and family!

Any other accessories that you use and you want to share with other Galaxy Tab users? Let us know in the section below!

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