iPhone, iPod, iPad apps people usually use before going to sleep

Time to go to sleep! What do you do?

Well, a “recent study found that 69% of people admit to be using a cell phone in bed”.

So it sounds a lot of us are checking our smartphones and tablets right before bed time. ;)

We like to check our email, next day to-do’s, send messages, read a book, watch some TV,  play a game, and even chat with friends one more time before the day ends.

So what are some those apps people usually use before the catch some Z’s.

Read on!

Netflix: Some people love passing out while they are watching a movie or a good show. Get Netflix on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch and you can instantly watch TV shows & movies streaming from Netflix. It’s part of your Netflix unlimited membership! Free trial option.

Kindle: Nothing like a good book at end the day. The Kindle app from Amzons allows you to read more than 600,000 books, magazines, newspapers including latest best seller and new releases using a beautiful and easy-to-use interface. This is a free app.

Nimbuzz:  Great to catch up with all your friends at the on of the day. Nimbuzz offers free calls and instant messaging with all your friends from existing IM’s (Facebook,Yahoo!, MSN Messenger, AIM, GTalk and more). It is like having all your friends in one room :). This app is Free.

Bloom: For those who like to meditate and chill after a long day. Bloom is an app that basically allows you to make ambient music,so if you are feeling lazy your iPad/iPhone will help you relax making ambient sounds for you. You can get Bloom for $3.99.

So which apps do you use before you go to bed? Do you have any other recommendations for those who cannot leave their “toy” aside? ;) Let us know in the section below!

Good night! ;)

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