AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint: Is a refurbished / used phone right for you?

Have a broken phone? Looking to save some bucks? Refurbished phones can be an option!

First of all, for those who are a little skeptical about refurbished phones, I found a definition from phonescoop that can help clarify a few things.

“Refurbished phones are used phones that have been inspected, tested, and restored to full working condition at a factory or authorized service center. They may feature new housings or other new parts, or they may simply be used phones that have been tested and certified.”

Well, now that you know exactly what a refurbished phone is, lets look at  some options and what the 4 major wireless carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile)  got to offer.

Find out if a refurbished phone is right for you. :)

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Sprint recently announced a new program that will sell previously owned phones at a deep discount.

  • Devices such as BlackBerry Tour, Samsung Reclaim in green, and Sanyo 2700 in pink and blue are available already under this program.
  • The Sprint refurbs carry a 30-day warranty, compared with one year for the same phone new.
  • Like new phones, refurbs come in a box with all of the accessories and manuals.
  • People who buy a refurb phone do not have to extend their contract and retain their seniority for getting an upgrade.

  • AT&T’s sells refurbished iPhones for as low as $50,  but there are 20 other handsets available such as: Motorola Backflip, Pantech Ease, Samsung Flight and more!
  • With AT&T you have to add a new contract, which means adding another two years to your contract.
  • “AT&T says it will, from time to time, sell a customer a refurb phone to replace a damaged one, like Sprint, but that is done on a case-by-case basis.”

Verizon has more than 15 models of refurbished phones available. You can find devices such as the Droid Incredible, Droid, BB Bold 9650 and more!

  • Customers are eligible for an early upgrade after 13 months, and there is a $20 upgrade fee on top of the cost of the phone.
  • Same as AT&T, Verizon will sign you up for two more years.
  • The phones have a one-year warranty, the same as a new phone.

“(This is not to be confused with a second Verizon program for people with lost, stolen or damaged phones that are not under warranty. There are 40 models of refurbished phones available as replacements. Customers can take advantage of that program once a year.)”

T-Mobile offers seven models of refurbished phones. Samsung Vibrant, MyTouch, Samsung Behold are some of the phones available for this program.

It sells them in two price levels

  • If you buy one with a two-year contract, the phone price is lower, but your monthly minutes cost more.
  • Or you can pay for the phone up front and get a cheaper rate which is paid month-to-month with no long-term contract.

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What do you think about refurbish phones? Do you own one? Tell us your experience in the section below!

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