ICQ not working on Nimbuzz?

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ICQ not working on Nimbuzz? We are aware of that but unfortunately there is not much we can do.

Over the last two weeks we have been chatting with the guys from ICQ about an agreement to continue support for the ICQ community on Nimbuzz.  The final offer was to enter a licensing agreement that would see Nimbuzz pay for every person wishing to use ICQ on Nimbuzz.

This would mean that we’d have to pass the cost on to our users, which would be against our principle of making Nimbuzz available to anyone for free.  We are sorry to let you know that we have officially switched off support of ICQ on Nimbuzz.

However, we will continue to offer Nimbuzz and all of our services free of charge to everyone in the world.  What that means is that you can continue to use your existing Nimbuzz account to stay connected to your friends, make free calls and chat as much as humanely possible.

Because we understand your frustration we  have an open discussion running on ourforum, where all your questions and concerns will be addressed.  Make sure to visit the forum to find updates.

Stay buzzing, and we hope that our brand new Nimbuzz for Nokia Symbian phones (combined with a little bonus) will make up for some of the disappointment.

The Nimbuzz Team

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