Best Apps: Appboy and Nimbuzz like SoundHound!


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Appboy, the Social Media Website for developers and app lovers is partnering up with Nimbuzz to help tech fanatics discover new applications.

Every month, on the Appboy website and the Nimbuzz USA blog, we’ll be featuring what we think are “must haveapps, so you can get the most out of  your mobile devices!

This week we bring you Soundhound!

If you like to discover new/old songs and get your favorite lyrics on the go, you have to download this app on your iPhone or Android right away!

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When you’ve got music on your mind, SoundHound is the go-to music search and discovery app. Whether you hear a song on the TV or you have lyrics stuck in your head, SoundHound can identify the track and lead you to the song instantly.


SoundHound has the world’s fastest music identifier, with the ability to name a song playing from a speaker in as little as four seconds; it even works on your unlabeled iPod songs, and is the only app in the world that can identify songs you sing or hum. So, even if you tune in at the end of a song, or after a song has ended, SoundHound can still help identify the song.


Once you’ve discovered a new song, or searched for an old one, you can find lyrics and play songs from your iPod within SoundHound, again giving you instant access to album art, tour dates, bios, YouTube videos, discography, top songs, and more. You can also launch a Pandora station based on your new favorite song. An exclusive feature becoming increasingly popular in SoundHound, is their say-search button: you can simply speak the name of a song or artist and, instantly, you have what you are looking for at your finger tips! Want anything related to music?


Just hound for it!

Soundhound is available on iTunes for $4.99! And don’t forget to rate and review the app on Appboy!

What are your “must have” apps?

8 Responses to “Best Apps: Appboy and Nimbuzz like SoundHound!”

  1. Yo quiero aplicar nimbuzz a mi facebook

    maria garcia September 30th, 2010
  2. Gr8…..

    Indrajit sajib September 30th, 2010
  3. Actually, Soundhound is also available for Android (5 star rating)

    Menno October 2nd, 2010
  4. @Menno – Thanks for your comment! “If you like to discover new/old songs and get your favorite lyrics on the go, you have to download this app on your iPhone or Android right away!” :)

    Dan October 4th, 2010
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