Apple: Free iPhone 4 Case Program after Sept 30 – What changed?

Got an iPhone 4? Got signals issues?

Apple announced that it would change the terms of the company’s free-case giveaway for the iPhone 4.

On the website you can find that they’ll be “discontinuing” the free case program on all iPhone 4s sold after September 30, 2010,  and that they will be returning to their normal returns policy.

So what really changed?

Read on!

Here is what you need to know:

If you buy an iPhone after Sept 30th, and you notice that it is losing the signal, you can still call AppleCare and explain your situation. You can still get a free case from the company!

“Users experiencing antenna issues should call AppleCare to request a free Bumper case”. Nothing really changed, just the way you get it ;)

And if you are looking for an alternative to call your friends and family for free you can always use Nimbuzz! Just a free way to go around your iPhone 4 signal problem :)

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