Demand More from Your Mobile Phone: Part III #moremobile

Demand more

We’re back — between our last Demand More from your Mobile Phone post and our Teens in Tech Conference, we had some time to think about what other things you can do with your “must have” mobile.

Our conclusion? There are so many different ways to communicate. Everyone is different and everyone has different preferences on how they communicate, even with different groups of people.

It’s pretty obvious that texting is not the same as IM or a phone call. A Facebook message has a different meaning than a text message. An email has a different meaning than a chat message, and a call has a different purpose than a voice message. Having all options in one place for easy management is what we are about.

If last weeks we have discussed about making free calls with Nimbuzz and low cost international calls with NimbuzzOut, today it’s all about messaging.

Nimbuzz turns your mobile into a messaging machine and you can send unlimited text messages to your buddies for free, so you won’t be tied anymore to your operator’s charges :D . Do you want to try it now? Select a Nimbuzz contact, press options and click on Send message. Done!

A picture is worth a thousand words and we know it! With Nimbuzz you can share all your special moments with your family and friends by sending them photos, video clips or even music. You can do this no matter where you are and of course for free, no pesky MMS charges!

Of course there are times when you want your messages to be heard in every corner of the earth, when you want to shout as load as you can what’s on your mind.  For that you can use our über sophisticated Twitter functionality on your Nokia Symbian phone and Tweet  as much as you want, from anywhere in the world.

So let’s take a quick review of what we have learned: Call more, talk more with everyone you know in any online network MSN, Yahoo, Skype and Google friends, for free and now message more. Next Thursday, the Demand More from Your Mobile Phone continues with a lesson on how you can Chat More. Because a mobile phone can do so much more with Nimbuzz. See ya next week!

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