Challenge: Eliminate your Top 25!

Get rid of some apps! If you already have Nimbuzz installed on your phone, you probably already know all the time and memory you can save by using Social Networking and Communication apps that do more than one thing right?

But for those who are new to these categories or those who just got their new phone, this article will be a very good learning experience.

Let’s put it this way. If we look into the future, products that do one thing only are disappearing and the multitasking ones are prevailing in the tech industry. Why do you think Apple just introduced their new iPhone 4 OS with its main feature being a “multitasking” software ?

It is time to clean up after the jump!

We invite you to analyze the top 25 free and paid social networking  apps on your favorite app store, so you can  find out for yourself how many apps you will be able to delete if you install Nimbuzz on your phone.

Ready to take the challenge?  This what we’ve got to offer…

Chat: We support Facebook, AIM, MSN, Gchat, Yahoo, Myspace and more. Which means you can chat with all your buddies from all your favorite social networks at the same time, across accounts. For free!

VoIP calling: So you are chatting with your friend, but you don’t have the time to type, and you want to make a call. What do you do? You have two options. 1) You can tell your friend you are going to call him/her, close the app, wait for the calling app to load, find your friend and call. 2) The other option is to use Nimbuzz where you call and chat free all from the same place!

Share Files:  And from the same place that you can chat and call all your friends, you can also send  photos, audio and video files. And again for free!

Location Sharing: If you want to find out where your Nimbuzz friends are just use our Location feature (available on iPhone and Symbian between buddies so far only)

Status Update: Updating your status on Nimbuzz automatically updates your status in most of all you social networks, so you can broadcast your message to most of your friends, if you decide so.

Unlimited push: With other Nimbuzzers, you ‘ll be able to stay connected 24/7,  365 days a year, day and night, weekday and weekends, even holidays without battery drain :) (Feature available on iPhone only for now)

Free: You can keep paying for applications, but you also have the option to save those couple dollars because Nimbuzz is free!!

Save memory and time: Improve the performance of your phone by deleting apps, and save time because you won’t have to jump between apps.

iPhone only?: The application is available on Nokia phones, Android, Blackberry, iPhone and thousand more. You can find out more info here.

Hard to beat right? So go ahead and analyze the top 25 list. Let us know how many apps you could delete, how much money you could save, and all the free memory space and performance you could add to your device. We would love to hear from you.

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2 Responses to “Challenge: Eliminate your Top 25!”

  1. When I login Nimbuzz on my computer, there’s the network error occurring frequently. I’m a Nimbuzz user in China. However, Nimbuzz performs very well on my cellphone. Thanks your troubleshooting for me.

    FromCN April 21st, 2010
  2. Still need to keep Skype and Fring so I can Video call for free. Sort out free video calling and you’re sorted

    Purelydredd April 21st, 2010

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