Free calls on your mobile!


Important Note: Nimbuzz has been asked by Skype to remove support for all Skype services, effective October 31st.  For free and cheap international calls from your mobile you can still use Nimbuzz and NimbuzzOut ;). More information you can find here.

Many of you have been asking me and the answers is “Yes!”, you can use Skype on Nimbuzz to make free calls all over the world!

Nimbuzz allows you to use Skype and SkypeOut, so all you need is an internet enabled mobile phone, install Nimbuzz, add your Skype account, and there you go – Free mobile calls to anywhere in the world with Skype on Nimbuzz!

Try it for yourself today. If you are still a little bit unclear about what it is that you can do with Nimbuzz, check out the video after the jump.

Nimbuzz is an all-in-one communications application that offers free calls, chat, and more. We also aggregate all polpular IM and social networks into one buddy list, so you have all your friends in one place!

We use the internet connection on your mobile so make sure you are on Wifi or have a mobile data plan, otherwise incremental operator charges will apply. Think of it as getting an internet plpan for your mobile, just like you have at home.

If you are looking for cheap international calling from you mobile and you end up here :D, I would like to introduce you also to NimbuzzOut. NimbuzzOut lets you make incredibly cheap international calls from your mobile, to landlines and mobiles anywhere in the world. To see how cheap it is and how much you can save take a look at the NimbuzzOut  Rate Calculator ;).

Skype is one of those communities we support, so all you need to do is add your Skype account inside Nimbuzz. Then you are ready to make and receive calls over Skype. You will no longer be tied to your PC. yet, you can still reach people on their PC over Skype, while you are on your mobile phone!  :)

Check out the video below for a real life demo (it is pretty low-tech, but hey ;) ):

YouTube Preview Image

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  4. Hi,

    I was wondering whether I am able to use nimbuzz to make skype calls from my mobile?

    jim November 23rd, 2009
  5. Hi,

    I was wondering whether I am able to use nimbuzz to make skype calls from my blackberry bold 9000?

    jim November 23rd, 2009
  6. @jim

    You cannot yet call via Skype on your Blackberry. We are working on it. Until then you can call Skype buddies via Nimbuzz on your Symbian, Windows Mobile and iPhone devices.

    Tobias November 23rd, 2009
  7. can we make free calls nimbuzz to nimbuzz via Blackberry?

    Nauman January 17th, 2010
  8. @Nauman unfortunately, rim doesn’t provide a VoIP API yet, and until they do, we cannot offer calls on this client.

    Dan January 19th, 2010
  9. Its absolutely fantastic really. Saw it work the other day. I have a BlackBerry and cannot wait for you to introduce this!

    User March 11th, 2010
  10. Hi I wanted to ask that I have skype and a unlimited calls landlines and mobile to USA and Canada so if I want to use NimBuzz in my cell (my handset model is Nokia 6120c) can I make a skype phone call using my existing subscription through NimBuzz? Looking forward your response. Thanks

    Deen Islam August 11th, 2010
  11. nimbuz

    sudan January 15th, 2011
  12. why skype disabled? we want it back in mobile and pc version on both

    nipoon07 February 13th, 2011

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