New: Nimbuzz for Symbian comes with message delivery notifications

The new Nimbuzz 3.2 for Nokia Symbian phones is ready to download.

This brand new version packs really awesome features that will make chatting even more fun. Here is what’s new:

  • Message Delivery Notifications will display checkmarks when your message arrives on your friend’s phone.
  • New Favorites Tab offers quick access to your  favorite contacts so you can start chatting and calling faster.
  • Reintroduced the # shortcut – by pressing the # key you will go to the top of your contact list.
  • Auto-start – offers the possibility to automatically start Nimbuzz when you turn on your mobile phone.

Now let’s talk a bit more about these features.

The new message delivery notifications will display:

  • 1 check mark (✓) when your message was successfully delivered to the Nimbuzz servers
  • 2 check marks(✓✓) when your message was successfully delivered to the person you are chatting with. Please note this does not indicate that your chat was read by the other person but only delivered.

You will find the new Favorites tab on your home screen next to the Contacts tab. Here you can add the friends you always call and chat.  This will make it faster and easier for you to start chatting with them.

One of the features you requested the most was added in the new 3.2 version: # shortcut.  This is very useful for Nimbuzzers with a lot of friends on their list because it allows you to jump at the top of the contact list no matter where you are in the list. To test it simply go at the bottom of your list and press the key # … Nice right :D .

Last but not least we added the auto-start feature. This is turned OFF by default and if you would like to activate it you need to go to: Settings -> Connection -> Auto-start -> ON. If you enable it than next time you will turn on your mobile phone Nimbuzz will automatically start and run in the background.

Besides these awesome features we also fixed some annoying little bugs you reported ;)so the overall user experience is better :D .

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NEW: Nimbuzz for Java with invisible mode, faster login & less data consumption!

We are happy to let you know that a new version of Nimbuzz (1.9.2) is ready for download on your Java enabled mobile phone.

The new version is packed with useful features that will help you manage better your online presence.

Here are the new features:

  • Invisible mode – to appear invisible to your Nimbuzz contacts while you are actually online.
  • New Notifiable icon - for contacts that have the app closed but are available via push notification or Ping.
  • Mandatory phone number verification for chat-rooms
  • Faster login
  • Less data consumption We expect that on average you will consume 50% less data, and depending on how you use Nimbuzz, this could get save you anamazing 70% in data used.

Now let’s talk a bit more about the new features:

The Notifiable icon is the one with a check mark in the middle stands for Notifiable and it is used only for Nimbuzz contacts that closed Nimbuzz app but can still receive push (on the iPhone) or Ping notifications (on the Java and Symbian phones).

To improve your chatting experience we made it mandatory for everybody to have a verified phone number in order to access the chat rooms. This way we can restrict access to anyone who floods or post inappropriate content.

We also fixed the connectivity issues you have reported and the bugs you found.

If you have any suggestions or want to report any issue you might find in the new version please let us know.

NEW Nimbuzz Symbian: 9 Reasons to be excited!

Nimbuzz 3.01 for Nokia Symbian phones is ready to download. You can get it

Are you excited? Good, because you have 9 awesome reasons to be :P .

Here is what’s new:

  1. Improved Call Quality – thanks to peer to peer call connectivity.
  2. More space for your chats - for full screen  chatting experience.
  3. Chat bubbles – that bring an iPhone like chat experience to your (Nokia) Symbian phone.
  4. Custom wallpapers in the chat screen – choose a color or an image from your gallery to display as background for your chats.
  5. Custom color for the text font in your chat screen
  6. Call Quality Indicator – so you can check the expected call quality before you make a call.
  7. Free Avatars – choose new and exciting avatars for your profile picture from N-World
  8. Last Seen Online - shows you the last time your friend was seen on Nimbuzz.
  9. Fast group selection – straight from your contact list.

On top of all that we have a new crisp app icon (which we like very much :D ).

Curious to find out more about the new features? Read below…

The new improved call quality is possible thanks to our new peer to peer calling system, which aims to make a direct connection between the two mobile devices. Your calls will be connected faster and the probability of dropped calls  enormously reduced. We are also working on bringing HD call quality in the next version ;) .

The call quality indicator checks how good/strong your internet connection is and displays the expected call quality. This information will appear in the calling screen, right before you place the call.

One of my favorite features is the fast group selection. With a simple click on the Friends Bar, situated right below your profile pic in the contact list, you will get a pop up with all the available groups so you can easily view only your friends from Facebook, only phone numbers or your favorite friends.

This update offers you more space inside the chat screen, by hiding the top navigation bar and the menu bar. You can do that with a single click on the icon with the two arrows, as shown in the image below ;) .

Click to enlarge

We hope you will enjoy this update as much we do and we wait for your feedback in the comment section below ;) .

The new version is not yet in Ovi store but it’s coming in the next few days.

NEW: Nimbuzz for iPhone with phonebook integration

This brand new version of Nimbuzz for your iPhone and iPod touch (2.2) comes packed with an awesome phonebook integration.

This gives you fast and easy access to all the phone numbers in your address book.  It even shows you which of your contacts are already on Nimbuzz so you can call them for free!

Other cool features you will enjoy with Nimbuzz 2.2 for iPhone and iPod touch are:

  • Last Seen Online - shows you the last time your friend was seen on Nimbuzz.
  • Less data consumption – thanks our new data compression system.
  • Free avatars – choose new and exciting avatars for your profile picture from N-World
  • New Ringtone – for Nimbuzz calls and push notifications

We also added a new Notifiable icon. This blue icon with a check mark in the middle stands for ‘Notifiable and it is used only for Nimbuzz contacts that closed Nimbuzz app but can still receive push messages (on the iPhone)  or  Ping notifications (on the Java and Symbian phones).

Last but not least we have fixed several bugs.

We would love to hear what you think about the new version so if you like it or have any suggestions please let us know.

NEW: Nimbuzz PC gets YouTube and Invisble mode

Pretty exciting news. The new Nimbuzz for PC comes with two useful features:

  • Invisible mode
  • YouTube video player

I think the YouTube video player is great addition and will save a lot of time. Instead of opening a new browser window and waiting for it to load, you just press play and watch the Youtube video your friend sent inside the chat window .

The update also fixes a lot of bugs your reported and we thank you very much for the feedback.

If you find anything you like or things to be improved, please leave send us an email at support at nimbuzz . com.

NEW: Nimbuzz for Android – keep your Favorites closer!

New Nimbuzz 2.0.6 for Android devices is available for download.

Because we know how important is to have your favorites in reach, we redesigned Nimbuzz for Android.

The new 2.0.6 version has a dedicated tab only for your favorite contacts so you can chat faster with Alise on Facebook, send a file easier to Arthur on Nimbuzz or call you grandma at her house via NimbuzzOut. Everyone is in one place and you decide who gets in.

Besides the Favorites tab we added other nifty features like:
1. Last Seen Online – shows you the last time your friend was seen on Nimbuzz.
2. Echo Test – test the call quality on Nimbuzz.
3. Send files in the background – continue your chat or call, while you picture, music or any other file is sent in the background.

Thanks to your precious feedback we have fixed a lot of bugs in this new version, and to make bug reporting even easier we added the possibility of sending feedback or questions to our support team right from inside the app. So if you have any feature idea or you find a nasty little bug, please let us know ;-).

Get the new version now and let us know what you think in the comment section below.
You can also get the latest update by scanning the QR code below:

New iPad Owner? Check Out These Apps!

iPad 2

With the release of the iPad 2, we’d like to share some must-have apps to to utilize the most of your iPad. The best part is that they’re free, not costing a single cent to be amazed from your iPad. These apps make life easier, stay connected with friends and family, and keep you informed.

The apps are free and compatible with both versions of the iPad.

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We’ll be back! Nimbuzz USA Blog

All Nimbuzz USA followers!

This is a special announcement letting you know that the Nimbuzz USA blog will be put on hold for a few days. Why?

The reason is that I (Daniel Torres) will be taking on new challenges, and won’t be able to update the blog any longer. :( But no worries!

The Nimbuzz USA blog will be back soon with all the exciting news and updates about new apps, new mobile technology, and of course, about Nimbuzz! :) So stay tuned!

If you have any comments, issues, or questions please do not hesitate to contact the main blog or you can also reach us out on Twitter and Facebook.

This is a great opportunity to thank all of you who have followed us during the past year and a half, helping us improve our product and content.

Expect lots more to come!

No iPhone, No Android? Best Free Nokia Apps!

You don´t have to have an iPhone or an Android phone in order to enjoy apps, services, and products that help make your life easier, save you money, and help you stay connected with friends and family.

Well, here at Nimbuzz we want Nokia users to be aware of some of the best applications available for them and their devices.

X2, C2, E7, C7, N8, E72 and all models are welcomed to enjoy this blog post! :)

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Presenting: Nimbuzz Ad-Free for Nokia Symbian phones

YouTube Preview Image

There’s a brand new Nimbuzz version available for you to download!

Nimbuzz Ad-Free for Nokia Symbian mobile phones is exclusively available on Nokia’s Ovi Store and comes in 17 languages :D .

The price of the Ad-Free version is 3 Euros/$3 and compared to the free version you will get early access to cool new Nimbuzz features like:

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